Supergirl Season 2 Finale: A SUPER Ending to S2! (Episode 2×22 Thoughts/Review)

The title pretty much says it all. So the season 2 finale of ‘Supergirl’ was tonight as I am writing this and I just wanted to say… Wow. So many stuff happened, the CGI was fantastic and overall, I thought the ending, the set-up, and the overall plot was wonderful. So let’s begin with the plot and make our way up.

Overall Plot
The plot was Supergirl challenged Rhea (Mon-El’s mother/Queen of Daxam) to a fight for the earth and it was pretty good. Supergirl did NOT back down at all, even when Rhea brought out kryptonite and used it against her. Like, Supergirl grabbed Rhea’s fist and threw her against a generator and stood up, even when the kryptonite was out there! DANG!! And plus, Kara had to let Mon-El go because she had to activate a device that put lead into the atmosphere (deadly to Daxamites only, NOT humans) and Mon-El had to go unless he would die. What else I LOVED to see was Supergirl vs Superman and she actually defeat him!! I was yelling, cheering out ‘SUPERGIRL! SUPERGIRL! SUPERGIRL!’ And she won. And I admit, I was really surprised by this because Superman has been here on Earth longer than Supergirl and has more experience, so it’s very surprising. But the overall plot was fantastic, loved seeing Winn and Lena work together on the lead device and plus, whenever I see Winn fangirl over Superman, I die of laughter. And plus, I yelled out ‘that is me!!!’ Because, well. It’s all of us, tho.

Things Mentioned That Caught My Eye (and Ears)
When Supergirl and Superman was sparing later off in the episode, Superman said ‘I learned that move from Warworld. War. Freaking. World. If I don’t get Warworld on Supergirl on day, I will be disappointed. HIGHLY disappointed. But yeah, I also liked how at the end, Cat Grant let Kara do her ‘thing’ and once she was out of range, said ‘go get them, Supergirl’. Bruh, I was DEAD! I was so happy that she knew, OF COURSE SHE KNEW!!!! She is Cat. Freaking. Grant. She learned James Olsen was Guardian (I can get that), she probably knows that Clark is Superman, but I didn’t think she knew Kara was Supergirl! That was my favorite.

Overall Review of the Episode.
IIIII, freaakkkiinnnggg, loooovvvvedd ittttt!!!!! A fantastic season finale to an fantastic season. I cannot wait for Season 3, I KNOW it will be great. And after finales, I need like, a month to be fully revealed, THEN I start getting impatient waiting for the next season. But yeah, I give the Season Finale of ‘Supergirl’ Season 2 a 9/10. My next post will be my thoughts/review on the Flash Season 3 Finale!… Lets hope that turns out well. Oh, I hope so. Until next time, I’ll see you all later. Bye everyone!


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