Improvement: How Cartoon Network can IMPROVE itself!! 

Sucky, sucky reboots everywhere! Hello everyone, my name is Tyler and welcome to his new installment titled ‘Improvement’! In this installment, I shall be trying to give ideas and tips on how to improve a reboot, network, show, movie, ect. So let’s begin with Cartoon Network (CN) and its ‘Cartoon Reboot’ Era. Or, as some calls it, the ‘Welcome to Cartoon Crap’ Era.

If you grew up with this network, you’d know it wasn’t always like this. Before this, there was the ‘Cartoon Golden’ Era. An era where cartoons, on every channel, was fantastic! Like Regular Show, Teen Titans (original), Samurai Jack, Chowder, Phineas and Ferb, The Fairly Oddparents (old version, not newest version), Foster’s Home, Dexter’s Lab, and many more!!! And most of these shows were on CN and people LOVED IT!! But now, we have entered the ‘Cartoon Reboot’ Era, as with the ‘New and Actually GOOD Cartoon’ Era.

Now, there are cartoons today that rock. Steven Universe, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Milo Murphy’s Law, the Loud House, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, and more. But there are also cartoons that just…. suck. Like the reboots of: Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (a prequel series 😑), and more. Basically, these shows help bring Cartoon Network down, and it’s shows like ‘Steven Universe’ and ‘Adventure Time’ that keeps it from doing down. So if this network makes more, great kid shows that people will actually like and have it be with a silly and a serious tone at once, then the network will go back up like they were in the past with ‘Chowder’, ‘Samurai Jack’, ‘Foster’s Home’, and more. But that’s all I have to say for the network’s improvement, what do YOU think CN can do it improve itself? Tell me down below and I will see you guys next time. Bye everybody!


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  1. ARGANISE says:

    I agree! The more cartoon network tries to remake old shows the worst it gets.


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