Final 5 Episodes of ‘Arrow’ and What Will Happen in ‘Arrow’ Season 6?

The first of the final five episodes of Season 5 of ‘Arrow’ has finally premiered, with four more episodes of the season left. And the Season 5 Sizzle Reel got many people excited for this, especially me. But here’s the thing: what is going to happen in these final five episodes and what is going to happen in Season 6 of the series? My name is Tyler, and here is what to expect for these topics.

Now so far this season, ‘Arrow’ has been doing a pretty great job and that’s amazing. After the train wreaks that happened in Season 4 of the series, they came back hard and awesome with Season 5. And now, we have four episodes left of the fifth season of ‘Arrow’ and I think for episode 20, we can expect the Olicity-centric episode. Now I saw the promo for this episode and we can expect Felicity not being able to use her legs because Prometheus is in the bunker and has taken out the technology. Oliver is trying to help Felicity and stop Adrian in the bunker but by the end of the promo, it looks like Oliver is about to possibly die. Now of course he won’t because he’s Green Arrow and this is the Green Arrow TV series and plus, I saw him in new footage in the sizzle reel. So yeah. But we can also expect Oliver dealing with the criminals who Chase prosecuted and the people he ‘helped’. And plus, Oliver is sent an encased casket with an unknown corpse inside. But who’s corpse is it?

We can also expect that the five-year flashbacks are coming to an end as Oliver plans his escape from the island of Lian Yu and while in the present, he visits it again as he decides: is he a killer, or is he a hero? I say he’s a hero, but still. And he also must leave the legacy his father burdened him and carry out a new one while also saying a final farewell to the island in present day. And plus, two fan-favorite arrow characters are coming back! Nyssa Al Ghoul returns to battle her sister, Talia Al Ghoul, and Oliver goes to Deathstroke for help! That’s right, Nyssa returns, as with Slade Wilson himself. It’s been a season, Slade. It’s been a year, Nyssa. Glad both of you are back. And also, Malcolm Merlin is returning to one of these episodes. I’d say somewhere between episode 21-23 because he wasn’t in 19 and it doesn’t look like he will be in episode 20, since it’s Olicity-centric.

Now, what we can expect in Season 6. Two members of the new Arrow Team have been upgraded to series regulars: Wild Dog and Diana Drake. That’s right, Rick Gonzales and Juliana Harkavy have now been upgraded to series regulars for Season 6 of ‘Arrow’. What we can also expect Oliver to be forging a brand new legacy, so that will seriously be fun to watch and see as he forges a brand new one. I hope that he kind of becomes more quip-y and jokey as well because dude, if you can become even more lighter than Flash was in Season 3 of his show, I will be happy. Woo! Also, Katie Cassidy is returning as Black Siren for Season 6 and will be a series regular! But here’s the question: will she have a redemption arc, be a new alley, or be the big bad of Season 6? I’m actually hoping Talia becomes the main villain of Season 6, but hey. You never know… Or, you know, Merlin could come back for an episode and Oliver gets a chance to kill him, finally. Just something to add.

That’s what I am expect for Season 6 and the rest of Season 5 of ‘Arrow’. Share this with others because I love when others read my blog and enjoy what I do here. Like this post if you enjoyed it and I will catch all of you in the next post. Take care and god bless.


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