“Saban’s Power Rangers” SPOILER Movie Review! 

Go. Go, power rangers!! Oh yeah!!!! Go, go, power rangers! New reboot, kinda mighty morphin’ power rangers! That’s right, it is finally time for me to review the brand new Power Rangers movie that came out last month. I FINALLY got to see it today and let me just say that I loved it!


The villain in the movie is Rita Repulsa and she rocked!! The actress who played her did an incredible job with the role and whenever I saw Rita, I have to say… I was scared. I mean, she looks scary, acts scary, and IS scary! She killed the previous Power Rangers team (Zordon’s team) and also caused a LOT of destruction in the city. But when those rangers arrive, it’s an all out battle between them! And she actually fought them 2 times, the first time they were unmorphed and the second time they were morphed. So it was really cool tonsee this new team of rangers and a new rita, fighting and everything. It rocked.

Acts 1-3 

The movie kinda starts off slow. We meet the future team: Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Zack, and Trini and we get to see what Jason, Billy, and Kimberly did to get detention. Well, except Kimberly. Don’t know that yet, maybe in the sequel, we’ll learn that. And I loved how in the second act that all the rangers were around a campfire and learning how to trust each other. That’s something you never get in the Power Rangers series and old movies, so I really liked that. And I know people who worst by this, but no. I LIKED it. And what I’m talking about is the gender Trini is intrested to because she might be a lesbian. Hope they explore on that a little more because I really liked that part. But that third act! Act 3 of 3, the greatest thing ever happened. The. Rangers. Morphed. Seriously, I was in the theater, watching the movie with my friends and when that happened, I almost had a seziure. Actually, I almost had 5. When Jason said “It’s morphin time”, when the rangers morphed, when we saw their zords run in a lime and that orignial Go, Go, Power Rangers song started, when the megazord was formed, and when the rangers were fighting the putties. I loved all of it, it was just so great and such an awesome homeage to the orignial series and old movies. I loved it and by the end of the movie, we see our rangers together in dentention, having fun with each other.

After-Credits Scene 

So, um… Tommy Oliver’s name was called. All I’m going to say about that because I am still at a lost for words.

So that is my review of Saban’s Power Rangers, I hope you all enjoyed. Check out my last review, which was the second episode of the new series of Doctor Who. Until next time, I will see you all next time. Bye everybody!!


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