Doctor Who Series 10, Episode 2 Review (EMOJIS THAT KILL?!)

I have only one word to describe the newest episode of Doctor Who, my friends. And that’s smile. Hello, my name is Tyler and welcome to my review of the second episode of Doctor Who Series 10, titled ‘Smile’. First things first, the emojibots.

  1. Emojibots
    So in this episode, we meet the emojibots. Also known as the ‘robots who speak emojis’ or better yet, ‘the not ridiculous robots’. So, it turns out in the events of this episode, that these bots are and are not the threat in this episode. Turns out, they’re another species in general! Well, they’re technically the ‘interface’ to another species in general. These bots are a way for the species, the Vardy. And what I really thought was intriguing was that these robots only kill you if you are unhappy, which makes it seems like a ‘the fudge?’ and ‘oh my god, seriously?!’ moment. But these robots are designed to make you happy and have a nice future, but if you grief, then they would kill you and I thought that was interesting that if you are feeling any emotion that isn’t happiness, they would kill you.
  2. The Future
    So in the intro of the episode, the Doctor and Bill are in the TARDIS and the Doctor tells Bill to choose where she’d like to go first: the past or the present? And she says ‘future’ and they were off! They go to the ‘Emoji Planet’ as I call it (as do others) and experience emojibots that kill, a new species called the Vardy, and a colony of humans of have been asleep for years and years until their ship found a home (a.k.a, the Emoji Planet). I liked it; it was fun seeing Bill and the Doctor interact more on and Bill asking questions I have never heard in this show. And I liked that Bill choose to go to the future first instead of the past because I have seen a lot of companions want to go to the past first or another planet first, so it’s cool to see this instead. And I know some companions have wanted to go to the future first, I know, but I loved Bill’s reaction to it. It was great!
  3. The Overall Plot
    The plot of the story was the Doctor taking Bill to the future in a world where there are robots who speak emojis, but a problem leaves them to stay and help the colonists who are traveling here! Although some may have not liked it and some did liked it, I’m with the group who liked it because I liked the idea of robots who speak emojis and can kill you. It’s cool. And although there were some places that lacked a little lust (only one for me), it was fun watching along and seeing this. And I loved how the Doctor and Bill, while traveling the place, had to do one thing in order for the bots not to come after them. Smile. Brilliant, isn’t it!

And so, that’s my review of this episode of Doctor Who. If you enjoyed it, please like this review. It helps me a lot and if you want to, go check out my last review or my other blog (! Until my next review, I will see you guys later. Bye everyone!


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