Doctor Who Series 10, Episode 1 REVIEW!! (Welcome, Bill Potts!)

The premiere was amazing with fun, action, adventure, and a brand new companion! Hi, I’m Tyler and this is my review of the Series (Season) 10 premiere of Doctor Who.

So right off the bat, the Doctor and Nardole are AWESOME! I really liked Nardole’s attitude and fun in this episode. Also, Bill is an amazing companion so far, so I cannot WAIT to see more of her! But overall, the episode was about introducing Bill, introducing her to the Doctor’s world, and a water-y figure chasing after Bill through space, time, and an well-known enemy as well called the DALEKS!

When we start off with the episode, the Doctor and Bill are meeting for the first time and it kinda gives you a guess of who Bill is. And throughout the episode, we see more of Bill traveling through places (End of the Universe, Australia, a war in the past that features the greatest fire in the universe, a.k.a, the DALEKS). And I really liked this, because it shows Bill reaction to the TARDIS and how it works exactly, so that’s really cool. I also like how we see Bill interact with the Doctor. Even though she isn’t a student at the academy (she works there serving fries), the Doctor takes her in and tutors her when he learns that she really likes her lecture. Even though others may not get it, it seems like she does.

So later on, we see a girl named Heather that Bill is kinda interested in and through the course of the episode, we see that something is up with Heather and we learn that she also likes Bill, but here’s the thing. She gets sucked into a puddle and becomes a ‘pilot’ somehow, I’m still not 100% sure on this. But by the second half of the episode, Heather becomes a water-y figure who is chasing after Bill because she is going to leave, but she promised she wouldn’t leave without Bill. So this leads to Bill (after the Doctor takes her and Nardole to a past war with the Daleks) having to say goodbye to her, but Heather first lets Bill see everything that could happen with those two if they went away together in the future… But she wouldn’t return. So Bill says goodbye, as does Heather.

We also see the Doctor trying to wipe Bill’s memory of this, but he doesn’t and you know why? I think it’s because he remembered that Clara erased his memory of her because she said, and I quote, “imagine how it would feel if someone did this to you”. And Clara’s theme played, I was done!!! I loved that. And I also liked that the pictures the Doctor had on his desk of River and (MAJOR SPOILER) his granddaughter, Susan, and the TARDIS itself helped the Doctor see that he needs someone. And he decides to change his mind and take Bill in as his new companion! And I think I know the first place he’s going to take her!!! (Episode 2… Just so ya know.)

And that’s my review on the episode! I give it a 9.5/10, because it was so great and awesome and I freaking loved it!! But tell me down below, what did YOU think of the Series 10 Premiere of ‘Doctor Who’? Tell me down in the comments and I will see you all next time. Good day and take care.


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