(REUPLOADED) My Thoughts On: New Marvel Anime Series! Wow…

So, Marvel announced a brand new series that will probably end up on Disney XD, I don’t know yet. Maybe it will be on another network but what I do know is that it’s new and features Avengers… Old and new. That’s right, the series is titled Marvel’s Future Avengers and, um… It’s anime. Cool, kinda. Sort of… Maybe. Here are my thoughts on the new marvel anime series.

So in the brand new series, we will see the Avengers train a group of young, super powered kids who want to become the next Avengers. The new series is about a young boy named Makoto, who gains super powers from a evil gene manipulation experiment. Once this happens, he is recruited to join a band of other heroes and all of them will be trained by Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and the Wasp. It sounds like an interesting story, but here’s what I think about it. I think that there are people who are going to love it, like I probably will love or like the series. And people who will hate it and it’s animation like how they hated the animation on the Disney Ultimate Spider-Man animated series. But in my opinion, I think this sounds like a cool and great idea based on the stories they could probably tell, cool character development, and more. Now, Marvel has said they are going towards more of a young boy audience since it’s “easier for toy sales”. Wow… Well, agree to disagree.

But I do actually think this is a good idea and I like it because I watch anime, but not a lot. I basically only watch Attack on Titan and if it’s considered one, Samurai Jack. Overall, this could be really be a change for Marvel TV and it’s animated show’s as a new Spider-Man cartoon is rolling on Disney during the summer. This series will premiere in the summer as well, but only in Japan. It’s unknown where it will premiere in other countries, but you can catch it on the Dlife Channel in Japan. Thanks for reading this, happy to give my thoughts on anything Marvel and/or DC. Like this post if you enjoyed, follow my blog if you liked this and I will catch you later. Good day and god bless.


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