(REUPLOADED) My Thoughts On: Current Trend of DC & Marvel Comic Books

The world of comic book movies are increasing as Marvel begins to release three movies a year and DC may finally hit fans with a winner with their upcoming release of the “Wonder Woman” movie and “Justice League”. But how are both franchises doing in the comic book department? Hello, my name is Tyler Jackson (name change) and welcome to a new series where I give my thoughts on certain things. Reviews are separate, tho… It is. 

So the comic book world is amazing, or so it was. Well, it was for Marvel. For DC Comics, they are having a blast and hit with their “Rebirth” title. It’s creative, intresting, and very fantastic. For Marvel Comics, tho… They are focusing less on the heroes and more on politics. Don’t get me wrong, I love Marvel comics still and their artwork is fantastic, but in some Marvel comics, they focus on politics more than the heroes. The new “Champions” and “New Avengers” and “Thor”, “Hulk”, all of these stories are very intresting. I love reading the “Nova” and “Champions” stories the most because of how uniqe the artwork is and how much the story is intresting. But for other things, like the so-called special event “Civil War ||”? I didn’t like it as much. Captain Marvel is not great in the issues, she (SPOILER ALERT) sends Tony Stark into a coma and takes over as a cheif excutive for SHIELD? I don’t know, I haven’t read the comic since October 2016 and don’t feel like reading it again. But I am hoping for the new “Doctor Doom/Iron Man” story to be great, as long as the new “Iron Heart” story to be great. 

Now, going back toward DC Comics, they are having a blast with their titled. I love reading the “Batman: Rebirth” story, “Nightwing: Rebirth” the most because well, Nightwing is my brother. Take that any way you would like, he is my brother. And, dudes. DUDES!!!! “The Flash: Rebirth” with Godspeed was sooo good!! The artwork, storyline, everything was great. Hope the Flash TV Series does it foe Season 5 or even Season 6. What I know for sure is DC are kicking it with their comics and it’s really great to see and read the comics because of it’s uniqeness. That is my thoughts on the current comic book trend of Marvel and DC. I’m uploading a new post on Marvel annoucing a new Spider-Man comic book series, so it will be intresting so how they incorporated Peter Parker back into Marvel. Until tomorrow, see ya everyone!!


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