(REUPLOADED) My Thoughts On: Marvel’s Annoucing New Peter Parker comic book series titled “Spectacular Spider-Man” 

The brand new comic book series, titled “Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man” goes back to his roots and remembers how innocent and awesome our Peter is! But the questions are, and there are lots of them, when is the comic book series premiering and what stories are they taking with it? My name is Tyler Jackson and I am giving my thoughts on this new comic book series. Here we go.

Peter Parker is our Spider-Man, the original. There will never be a time where we don’t love him or we think Spider-Man is lame. Peter/Spider-Man are amazing and in this new comic book series, he’s going back to school! In this reboot, Peter Parker returns to Manhattan’s School of Science (I think that’s what it is called) and lives both lives as the famous Spider-Man and the nerdy Peter Parker. Now for me, I have loved Spider-Man since I first learned about him. I loved the movies (even Spider-Man 3 and the Amazing Spider-Man 2), loved the TV shows, comic books! Posters!! Everything Spider-Man is great, especially the Spider-Verse cause that’s a really great concept to follow up on/create in general.

By what I have heard (or better yet, read) about the new comic book series is that it’s a fresh new take on the Peter Parker character. He is back in high school, dealing with bullies (both sides are) and he is facing new challenges as well. The person in charge of the series, Chip Zdarsky, has revealed in an interview that the first issue is coming in June, he is very excited that he is working with writer, Adam Kubert, who is an “legend” to the comic book world so I am very excited on what stories he will tell with Chip and the others behind the new comic book series. Chip also talks about how Spider-Man is the only street level superhero to beat an herald of Galactus in a fight and how Spider-Man knows this and covers it up with jokes. He’s the mascot of New York, he is Spider-Man and that’s fantastic to hear because as I have said before, I LOVE reading about Spider-Man and Peter Parker in comic books or watching them on the little and big screen and I am excited on what’s the come for the series. When the first issue is realized, I will do a review on it but not every single one unless something BIG happens. Until then, thanks for checking out my blog. It’s always fun to write posts like these and see what others think about it as well. Follow my blog for more posts like these, and I am doing a day where I talk about DC and a day where I talk about Marvel, so I have no idea when those days are coming yet. Until then, I’m Tyler Jackson and I’ll see you all later. Good day and god bless.


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